Most Popular Function Despite All New Features Of Touchscreen Smartphones Remains The Sending of SMS

There are many features that make an cell phone or Smartphone. Around half of all users is even in itself no longer imagine a life without the little pocket friend. How were the days without a cell phone? It may no longer remember but there are actually many of us who could communicate in their youth on the move no more than about telephone booths. Interestingly, the phone determines everyday life, especially the social networks nowadays at the young age. A meeting without a cell phone is hardly possible, since agreed times no longer have value as few years ago.

The SMS for late arrival

Who does not know it? It’s dating and five minutes before kommte a Kurznachrichtauf the touch screendisplay, which excused either cancellation or delay. Ten minutes later is available on Facebook, what one has or makes it just as an alternative. About 75 percent of all users send short messages regularly. That is understandable by many contractual free SMS. Yours truly is also tend to the SMS writers and less to those who constantly calls. Speaking of phone calls, one-fifth of all cell phone users Specifies to use any additional functions. That mainly are the so-called Ager, who are at the age of about 60 golden. This generation could do without probably even on a mobile phone, are members of the family, but insist…

Navigation via mobile phone

Around four million Germans use to navigate the mobile phone or Smartphone. That, and also the previously mentioned facts emerge in a Forsa survey commissioned by BITKOM. Here is the result to look. The increasing use of navigation may be not much in percent with seven, in numbers, it is quite impressive. However, it is no wonder because of the many cell phones and Smartphones with A-GPS, or GPS, and of course the partially free navigation software. Nokia shows in this region as a pioneer and offered the Ovi maps free of charge. There is now a proper category for navigation cell phones, which includes numerous Nokia models. Among these is also located Nokia 2710 navigation Edition, which as the name sounds with is designed to navigate. Here we have already reported about the cheap mobile phone.

Photos and videos at number two!

You can listen and weep, emerges from the survey that every second the phone’s camera regularly uses.Especially with the improving video recording quality with HD, which is perfectly understandable. The integrated lenses now pre-tax 5 mega pixel, what ordinary snapshots take allowed at the high-end smartphones. Also almost the standard repertoire includes features such as Flash, auto focus, smile shot feature and many more. Who are not familiar with terms such as Geotagging, can inform himself here in the mobile dictionary on Our site  about this mobile language. With the current top models of the year to Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, HTC desire and Apple iPhone 4 makes taking pictures or recording thanks to first-class amenities double fun.

Business finds its place

The third place in the survey involves Scheduler and calendar functions. About one-third use the possibilities of the modern diary and Miss so no important dates. Just these features shine on the Blackberry Phones and characterized with an extensive Office package. Of course a calendar or diary, which is reminiscent of the important occasions can be found now on any phone. Business functions, the email may be mentioned, since is served approximately every tenth of the function in this area. The mobile Internet is also more and more popular, what with flat rates, is certainly supports Wi-Fi and UMTS in the current mobile phones and Smartphones and good tariff offers, especially for mobile.

The world of apps

This area, in which Apple’s iOS and Google Android present as place deer, has his customers. After the problems here of Google with some users who were able to download any apps, these are fixed and the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC desire can be individualised again busy in the Android market. With around four million regular visitors of app-store is erfeut increasing interest this personalization method. This a lot will change in this number this year appears due to the numerous new models include Samsung i9200 Galaxy S and HTC desire HD, indispensable. Because the new models from Samsung, HTC and co. present with Google Android or the Samsung operating system Bada and can therefore be extended in the stores.

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