Motorola Blocks The Sale of Products in The Shop Online Apple German

New episode in the war of patent, this time played by Motorola and Apple, with the assault won by the first company, since they have managed to “ temporarily ” a suspension on sales of different devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3 G and iPad 2 3 G) in Germany.

Those who are involved iOS devices they have 3 G iPhone 4S before technology, who uses Qualcomm hardware, while the older ones made use of technology of Infineon (now belonging to Intel), which would require the appropriate license from Motorola.

The blockade It has only affected products which are sold through the online shop Apple, so they will continue to be available in the physical store. You can see how to check the Apple website mentioned products have a sign which reads “Derzeit nicht verfugbar”, in Spanish: “not available currently” (introductory image).

Temporarily from the first paragraph of has its explanation, as collected in Foss Patents, Apple has won a temporary suspension of the ban, and the Cupertino company has reported that all products will be available as soon as possible, and appealed to Motorola has refused repeatedly to license the patents involved on reasonable terms.

On a second point of the day, Motorola has also won to Apple in the German courts on the use of push services related to i Cloud/Mobile Me, What will affect users, having to configure notifications to periodically.