Motorola Demand 2.25% of The Sales of Apple by The Use of Patent

Yesterday we saw how Motorola I was able to temporarily block the sale of different devices of Apple. The reason: prior to the iPhone 4S 3G-enabled devices use hardware of Qualcomm whose patents are owned by Motorola. FOSS Patents, one of the greatest experts of matter, has today unveiled a few interesting details of this episode.

An attorney for Apple has declared that Motorola is demanding a 2.25% sales for each product with the 3G technology. An agreement which, according to the lawyer of Cupertino is very high and thus wants to demonstrate to the tribunal case. Remember, that unlike other cases we are not facing a patent pool large if not just a few that, in this case, are fundamental for the 3 G communications.

For demonstrate that the requirements of Motorola they are very high, Apple has requested information from other manufacturers that use this hardware to do so see if that 2.25% is abusive, or conversely also applied it to other companies, including LG, HTC, Nokia and Ericsson.

Regardless of whether you charge it or not other companies Apple wants to demonstrate that the percentage is abusive and the truth is that we are talking of Lots of money. For each iPhone 4 8 GB Motorola would lead 12.97 euros, for each iPad 2 3 G 16GB 15 euros… If we take into account the sales of last year the figure can be very bulky.

We will be attentive to what the judge decides. For the time being Motorola has earned Apple in the German courts for the push in iCloud service and, as we said at the beginning, have managed to cripple sales for a few moments in the online shop.