Motorola Teaser Press with the Mysterious Box

Motorola teaser the American press with a mysterious box. What it contains is still an enigma.

When you have to compete with Apple and Samsung on the coverage up to the big product launches, one must think creatively. That is exactly what Motorola is doing these days.

They have sent emails out to the American press, where the teaser for an “exciting announcement” Wednesday, 25. February.

Motorola is silent about what this mysterious box contains. They tell only that “all you need is inside a box”. Instead of a traditional invitation receives the press this mysterious box in two days.

Speculation both in a new Moto X, Moto E and a new smartwatch, but Motorola has managed to keep the secrets close to the body. No images or information is currently let out.

The secret product will be the first major product, since the Chinese electronics company, Lenovo, completed the acquisition of Motorola from Google in late October 2014.

Until then, there is nothing else than to wait until tomorrow to see what Motorola will over ashes with.