My First Week with Windows 10 Technical Preview

10 Technical Preview for Windows phones bearing the clearly marked by being an early preview with many faults and shortcomings.

Microsoft has released the first edition of 10 Technical Preview for Windows phones. It is available for a number of units in the budget and mid-range, but not to the top models Lumia 930 and 1520.

I have installed Windows 10 TP on a Lumia 830, and was as with many other first-editions are excited to see what Microsoft had to offer.

At first glance there was not changed it’s sized, yet, Microsoft has managed to alter some of the things users have criticised.

View with the video where I’m trying to show some of the good and less good things about Windows 10 TP for phones.

Have you got the courage to try 10 TP for Windows Phones, you can sign up for the program Windows Insider at Microsoft.