MyRoll for Android Is The New Name for The Smart Photo Gallery Flayvr

More than one year ago came to our Flayvr devices, an award-winning and outstanding gallery that It automatically organizes your photos and videos in albums, being her first smart photo gallery for mobiles worldwide for iOS and Android. As well, now in its new update over the version 3.0 This smart Gallery changes its name MyRoll.

Under the new name of MyRoll We find a renewed and improved Smart Gallery, with new interface and new features that will help us to have even better organized automatically our photos and easily share our albums with our friends.

MyRoll for Android automatically organize our photos and videos at a time, Recognizing the best footage by detecting faces, perfect lighting, colors vibrant and focused, and learning over time the shots which are most important for us, by referring to our calendar events to put a title to our albums.

The application lets us select the folders that we want to see in your gallery for your photos and videos organized automatically at times that at any moment we can edit to add or remove photos and videos, change the cover photo, title and location. The application allows us to mark as favourite moments that we like or hide those who do not want to appear next to the rest, existing filters to see only the Favorites or only the hidden.

MyRoll allows us to easily share our moments full of images and videos with our friends through Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, email, Twitter and more applications. Depending on the application the photos and videos will be shared as attachments or with a link in which photos and videos are uploaded privately MyRoll servers.

Smart Gallery MyRoll for Android It is still totally free, No advertising, and compatible from Android 2.2.

MyRoll Version 3.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Flayvr Media Ltd.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photography