MyTaxi: Fuss about New Fee System

MyTaxi is one of the most successful German startups. The company with its headquarters in Hamburg applies in this country as the leader in the taxi apps. MyTaxi order a cab by Smartphone, track in real time, where the car just keeps on and know immediately how much the trip will cost. Also the payment via app.

Taxi Order by App: The Practice Test in the Video

So the new fee system works

So far, each taxi driver who receives new passengers via MyTaxi, led off a lump sum of 79 cents on the tour. This will change: MyTaxi informed its users to introduce a flexible so-called Fairmittlungsgebühr in February 2014. With her, the driver determines how much Commission he pays at MyTaxi. Minmal three percent and maximum 30 per cent of the travelling expenses can be. The higher the Commission fails, the faster the MyTaxi app gives this driver-new tours. So far, only criteria such as customer review and removal to the passenger incorporated in the mediation.

Taxi apps in the test

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Taxi driver on the barricades

Sour encounters the new fees model to the industry. On platforms such as the taxi Forum, many riders announce to the back MyTaxi and to look for alternatives. Others refer to the statutory collective bargaining law, consequently all taxi drivers must demand the same tariff and trips may not auction. There is also an online petition against the Fairmittlungsgebühr already.

MyTaxi: new fee is fair

MyTaxi reacted already and published an extensive explanation on his blog. There argued the company among other things, that the new fee was actually fair because each tour have their own value, which is not reflected reflected in the fee of 79 cents. There are only a few questions, the Commission must rise as MyTaxi guarantee the conciliation eventually also in thin times. This must be for MyTaxi worth.

Update (15 January 2014): MyTaxi lowers the Fairmittlungsgebühr

Apparently MyTaxi is been caught cold by the ongoing protest against the new Commission. Surprisingly, rowing the company now partly back and announces a reduction in the maximum Commission from 30% to 15%. That leaves the participants in the form of taxi but largely cold. So is there among other things to read: still much too high. 15 percent of the sales for a fully automatic unmanned mediation. Madness! On a 12-Euro tour are still 1.80 euro. So twice as expensive as at present and twice as expensive as a manpower-intensive classic Central.