Nails Decorated for Brides: Which Match Your Style?

Nails need to be impeccable on the big day, but how do you choose from so many nails that fit the brides that suit you the most? Here are some tips!

All brides wish to be beautiful in their wedding and they go to every detail to achieve this, such as hair, makeup, dress , accessories, shoes and also nails. You may even find that almost nobody notices nails, but this is a super important detail to make up the look of a bride.

In addition to having to be well made, the painting chosen is a very important factor and causes the brides to be in doubt about which color to choose and whether or not to decorate them. But it’s worth doing as each one wishes, as long as they match your style.

Nail Tips Decorated For Brides

The nails decorated for brides are a trend that is increasingly growing and we need to be careful they do not draw more attention than the actual wedding dress. Carefully choose the style you are going to wear and make tests in advance of the colors and designs you like best to choose without error, after all, they will appear very prominently in some photos of your wedding.

Check out our tips for decorated nails for brides and get inspired:

Nails Decorated For Romantic Brides

If you are a romantic and delicate person, how about painting your nails with drawings in the shape of white hearts? But if you prefer a more youthful style, you can bet on a delicate and less discreet decoration, such as a rosy background and some small red hearts. Or use only one red heart on each nail as it looks beautiful too.

Another romantic option that is fashionable among brides are the nails decorated for lacy brides that perfectly match the wedding. It is worth doing Frenchie and drawing the lace on the whole nail or half-nail lace, going through the nail tip only. And if you want something different, but without running away from the romantic style, the perfect tip is to use real income on your nails. You can even wear the same lace as the wedding dress.

White Nail With Rhinestones

This is perfect for the more discreet brides who prefer a stylish and sophisticated decor, but without drawing much attention. And if you want to increase a little more in the decoration of your decorated nails for brides, bet on more shine and put glitter.

The traditional white nails can get a special touch with a rhinestone line, it will look more glamorous. And if your dress or accessories have the golden color, how about combining a whole white nail with a gold-tipped line? It looks different and elegant!