New Rumors about The HTC M10: Name on Key ‘Perfume’, 6.1 Android and Sense 8. 0_GP

It seems that to HTC finally start them out things. The A9 One is being a success thanks to which the Taiwanese company has managed to continue scoring benefits in November, and this change of course starts to put the focus on their eagerly-awaited next great mobile, that it should come at the beginning of the coming year.

Today in fact talking about a supposed leak that have echoed in Android Authority, and revealing alleged new data on the next terminal of the Taiwanese. According to this rumor, this mobile It will be named codename HTC Perfume, and will be released with the operating system Android 6.1 and layer of customization Sense 8. 0_GP.

A filtration with miga

Remember reports about next HTC ‘ s flagship codename HTC O2? It ‘ s dead… HTC Perfume is next flagship. Android 6.1 and Sense 8. 0_GP…

— LlabTooFeR (@LlabTooFeR) December 8, 2015

Filtration have more crumbs than it seems. We started by the codename, which until now it was believed it would be HTC O2 but it seems to have changed. This so-called O2 had said that it would have a 6-inch screen, a Snapdragon SoC 820, 4 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB internal storage with a battery of 3.5000 mAh.

Although it is still early to say it, this could mean the previous information was false or that HTC could joining the Party released a maximized version its next head of poster. Be the second Perfume specifications should not be very different, although still not said anything about them.

With Android 6.0.1 just out of the oven, also striking the reference to an Android 6.1. Be true and if the usual schedule of HTC is true, we should have news on it during the first quarter of the year. As for the version of the layer Sense, taking into account that the Sense 7. 0_g of the A9 has been much more light and close to pure Android, It’s not unreasonable to think that that was the way also for the next flagship of the company.

As we say whenever we deal with this kind of information, we must keep in mind that no longer a rumor. It is true that we have played to believe us it to theorize about its implications, but within a few months could reveal new information that let all this wet paper. In any case, do you you think?