Nexus 10 Tablet Found in Image Information

An image may have brought more wood to the fire, with regard to the rumors of a Nexus 10 tablet from Samsung and Google.

Earlier this month we wrote about a rumor that could tell that Samsung and Google are teaming up to make a Nexus tablet.

The device was said to be called Nexus 10, a 10 inch tablet with a very high screen resolution, on the entire 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, which should allow the device to a pixel density of 299 PPI.

But now an image spotted in photo service Picasa might bring us closer to a confirmation of the unit, whose name has been spotted in the image information from the image.

If it’s manipulated data, or whether it actually is a picture taken with Nexus 10, is uncertain.

The image can be seen below and maybe we’ll get more information under Google’s Android event on 29 March. October.