Nexus S from Vodafone with The 2.3.6 and without Tethering Problem

Earlier this month the Samsung Nexus S in the U.S. received the 2.3.6 update via OTA (via WiFi or 3G), with which managed to fix major flaws, as the error of the voice search, In addition to other failures of security and stability of each pack of updates.

In Europe and particularly in Spain, the distribution of the Nexus S us came from the hand of Vodafone, as it happened with the Nexus One, so they have been responsible to adapt it and review it. In these days and staggered has begun to disseminate via OTA for our country, and in my case this has happened this morning without greater novelty.

Putting us on background, in the United States the update was received with critical acclaim since, if it solved the above problems, he added another very serious to lose any possibility of sharing your 3 G data connection with another device by tethering (via WiFi or USB). The complaints began to accumulate in forum Google Mobile, adding that it was a ruse agreed between Google and AT & T to the teleco users not spend its share of data outside the terminal. Da same, Google quickly went to turn off the Court and assert that it was a bug in API and that they would resolve it shortly after a new OTA.

In Spain the previous Gingerbread for the Nexus One update was extended more than expected and many users finally chose to ‘Americanize’ her terminal to thus receive updates directly from Google. Certainly this was the case, but also on that occasion change was for many the emergence of some errors that did not have before. This seems to be that it was the reason why Vodafone decided to extend both the OTA, which by the way already was received for those who decided to wait and of course without those errors.

With the Nexus S from Vodafone This update has suffered the same delay, although on this occasion he has not lasted more than one month. Review of Vodafone solves the same mistakes that she corrected the native version of Google, but also coming fixed the bug with tethering, If you were worried I can assure you will not lose this possibility, Word of the Nexus S. Moraleja user, if it can be extracted from this issue, so that in this case the wait was well worth.

By the way, on 11 October, between Google and Samsung present us news and it is almost likely that one of them is Ice Cream Sandwich, as already reported will work perfectly in the Nexus S, so just update 2.3.6 us will last well short.