Nokia C7-More Interesting Than The Flagship n8 Touchscreen Smartphone!

With the new Symbian 3 operating system, Nokia would like to finally connect to the strong competition to Google Android and Apple, the two square Hirschen. With the Smartphone’s flagship Nokia N8 is the first high-end Smartphone with premium features on the market, which must be compared to the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4. Here in the blog we have fought already the first duel between the Nokia newbie and the over Smartphone Samsung i9000 Galaxy S. Thus, Nokia provides a high-quality Smartphone with a 12 mega pixel camera and similar facilities like Apple and Samsung’s competitors. The Nokia C7explores other spheres with similar equipment and offers a low-cost option the user.

Nokia C7 for all!

What’s wrong with the above top smartphones is an award that almost everyone can live with. Starting with more than €400 up to incredible over €1000 for the iPhone 4 ranges of the best smartphones on the market.

The Nokia C7 placed price without a contract under the said sums and therefore gaining importance. After all, not every interested person is willing to spend more than €400 for a phone. As also the Nokia N8, the newcomer with the new Symbian 3 operating system presents itself. About the new Symbian 3 operating system, we have also already here reported here. To be but not the only one, which inherits the C7 of the N8. The high-quality processing also exudes the C7…

Metal for the noble look

You won off much the first low-priced alternatives by Nokia yet not too long ago, especially in the point of the processing, will send the Nokia C7 as looker with high-quality material. Already the N8 boasts an aluminum body. The Nokia C7 performs a homogeneous mixture of metal, chrome and glass showcase.Of course a little plastic is probably the game. With regard to the facilities, the two models of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer overlap and so the selling point is pushed further price in the foreground.One remains the appearance of the two Nokia Smartphones with high degree of certainty. Here fidnen is on not only numerous pictures of the novice, but also a tabular comparisons of features of the two smartphones.

Nokia N8 with a better camera, more memory…?

The Nokia N8 has been presented as absolute top model with Symbian 3, what has his permission. The camera with 12 mega pixels, Carl Zeiss Optics is a qualification for higher. The “national model” C7 offers a throttled mega pixel count to 8 and turns Carl Zeiss, which seems reserved for smartphones and mobile phones praised by Nokia as the top models task of possible shots without the lettering. In addition to the camera, the Nokia C7 is lacking in the HDMI port. The internal memory is shrinking to half and offers 8 GB still space for pictures, music and videos. If this place proves to be too small, the surplus can be stated on a separate storage device. There are available up to 32 GB via microSD card. More differences are at the moment still not. Accordingly the Nokia N8 mainly about the camera and the HDMI port, defined what elevates it to a top Smartphone. The “national model” C7 will compete with most powerful flagship N8, because many users just do without the camera performance. Finally, you can save and still gets a stylish Smartphone with adequate facilities. The noble Smartphone will be presented also here on Our site.

Touch screen, processor and co.

The Finnish manufacturer of the today’s best technology AMOLED uses at the Nokia C7. The display touch screen measures a diagonal of 8.9 cm, what in inch 3.5 result. Not only the size, the resolution finds its place in the C7 1:1, compared to the N8. The AMOLED touchscreens offer a resolution of 360 × 640 pixels and protect both through a glass front. Otherwise overlap the features of the two smartphones further and same number of RAM with 256 MB offers the same battery life. The Nokia C7 was already dealt with in the blog, which is to be found here.

Of course, the Nokia N8 offers Our site – buy mobile phones online and will offer the cheap alternative.Already at the end of this year, the Nokia C7 for around €300 without contract will be available. Who hardly can wait, can get free of charge via email about the release of the Smartphone notified here.