Nokia E71 Already with Vodafone

Lately Vodafone and Movistar are launching the best terminals almost at the same time as we have seen with the Blackberry Bold among other models. Now it is the turn of the Nokia E71 Movistar launched this month.

Customers companies and freelancers from Vodafone already have available this model of Nokia for 65 euros to make portability a plan more 25 and enabled Royal Mail mail service (the price will rise to 123 euros with VAT included if Royal Mail is not activated).

Further along this week also will be available on the points program and although we don’t yet know the price that will have, will be around 300 euros without permanence and with minimum points.

On the negative side is that Vodafone continues to offer these new terminals only professionals while individuals at the moment may not buy it not for points or with high-contract.