Nokia E72 and E75, First Leaks

Recent releases of the Nokia E71 and E66, have already leaked the next models in this range in a promotional video for the Finnish company.

It is of the Nokia E72 and the Nokia E75, heirs of the design of the previous models. He receives a more important change is the E72, as you add to the design of the E66 a side sliding keyboard.

Thus, offers both the conventional keypad of a mobile type candybar as a QWERTY keyboard slider, allowing you to use any of the two methods of entry, according to the occasion.

Of the Nokia E75 There is even less information and, at least in the outer appearance, looks like tracing the E71, but hopefully that they will improve some of its features, such as camera and headset connector.

UPDATE: The video has been removed, we imagine that at the request of Nokia.