Nokia – Microsoft Event. Do We Know The First Nokia Windows Phone 7 in Two Weeks?

On Wednesday August 17 We will have the eyes on a fair gaming. We are not in Kotaku, but Nokia and Microsoft they have joint Soiree at the Gamescom of Cologne, and they have managed to capture our attention thanks to the invitation which you can see on these lines.

Actions and exciting surprises will make it an evening to remember (…) We’re giving away three Nokia Windows Phone 7 (as soon as they are available)

We would have parlayed strong that would see the first fruits of the Nokia-Microsoft union in the Nokia World 2011 to be held in October, but after publishing the disastrous results of the Finnish and just when the competition begins to present the first Windows Phone 7 Mango (Fujitsu and Toshiba make it these days with his IS12T…) no other does you to Stephen Elop to start teaching the teeth? We will check it in two weeks.

Windows Phone change of logo

If at this point in the summer are still just as clever than usual, you may have noticed in the logo of Windows Phone appearing at the foot of the invitation to the event. And it is because it has changed.

The developers of Windows Phone 7 you’re tinkering with Mango know the new logo from the 7710 compilation. Now it’s square and minimalist, inspired by any of the tiles or “Windows Live” System. What do you think about change?