Not Even Apple can Afford to Use the Display in Sapphire Glass on the iPhone 6

It has rumored that Apple should use sapphire glass for display on the iPhone 6, but Taiwanese sources tells that it has proven too expensive.

It has previously been on the table that Apple should start to produce larger quantities of displays in sapphire glass, subsequently popped up a patent which described a extra resilient display. This spawned some speculation that Apple was planning to replace their display as they historically have used Gorilla, with a display of Sapphire Crystal.

However, this seems not to be the case anyway. The Chinese side MyDrivers citing sources from the Taiwanese distribution chain which tells that it is “unlikely that iPhone 6 will have display in Sapphire Crystal”.

Apple has, however, tried and there is supposedly some prototypes in game, but according to the unnamed source, is production capacity too low and the price too high. However, the very same source tells that it is expected that Apple’s upcoming iWatch will have display in Sapphire Crystal.

Sapphire glass is today used to cover over the camera lens and fingerprint reader, but it costs so also in the region of ten times as much, which allegedly is too much if it is to cover the entire screen.