Now Material Browser, a Lightweight Web Browser That Imitates Android L

The launch of the new version of Android already has made it clear that one of their major developments will be the redesign of the interface with Material Design to the front. Some, like the developer of heel, is already working to optimize the application to this new style: graphics, transitions, distribution of the different elements on the screen.

Others instead take to adopt the style in a somewhat peculiar way. This is the case of Now Material Browser, a web browser that says take as reference Android L and while not the best adaptation that we have seen is a very interesting application of all modes.

It seems Android L, but it is not

What does special Material browser Now? The fact of only occupy 160 kb. If we compare it with other browser like Google Chrome that weigh 63.5 MB (more information in the cache), the difference is palpable. Of course, its use is simple and limited but for anyone looking for a lightweight browser is a good choice.

Its creator says that imitates the look of Android L but if we compare it with any application already optimized we see that you it doesn’t exactly. There is some discordance When it comes to place elements on the screen, look for example at the favicon, and the finish is not entirely polished.

While it might be a little more faithful in the visual style, at 160 kb we have a browser that works with multiple tabs, is compatible with Adobe Flash and Javascript acceleration, is incognito mode and navigation gestures on the screen when we use the phone with one hand.

OK, if you have a smartphone with at least 16 GB of storage which are less worried is that the browser despite 160 KB or more than 60 MB. However, if we have a mobile phone with limited capacity, we remember the Moto E of 4 GB that in reality they are only 2 useful, it is a blessing. It is worth to take a look.