Oceans Opens Its Convergent Offerings Including Fixed International Calls

Telefonica has another ally more to sell its ADSL with other operators being Telstra the much-talked-about and the only one with fiber while others such as Ion mobile and now, Oceans It will also offer ADSL, fixed and mobile phones under a single share and invoice insofar as it is of the same holder.

The new converged offering comes under the Oceans more that stands out over other offers on the market to include calls to fixed national and international from 12 countries as Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, France and Cyprus.

Moreover, the prices of Oceans more are between 34 and 44 euros monthly including ADSL up to 10 Mbps and 800 Kbps upload, maintenance of fixed line with 1000 minutes to landlines national and international and 50 minutes mobile While the price difference lies in calls from mobiles to that in both cases it is striking the minutes included in comparison with its rivals.

Oceans more includes stay of 12 months Service (or up to 190 euros of penalty in case of low early) and allows to add lines additional to a maximum of 5 lines with rates between 6 and 25 euros whose details we break down below next to the other details of rates Oceans they are compatible with the payment by instalments.