OnePlus-US Ready for March

The new OxygenOS from OnePlus will be ready in mid-March, according to the company’s Chief

OnePlus has long pønset on making its own Android ROM, and they have also promised that max would go three months from Android 5.0 Lollipop saw the light of day, to update One-hit the phones. Yet neither happened, but the wait time can be short.

On Twitter have OnePlus-boss Carl Pei for the answer a frustrated OnePlus One-owner, who impatiently waiting for an update. Here he says that OxygenOS and CyanogenMod 12S will come next month.
In addition, he apologizes for the wait time.

Although OnePlus is developing its own ROM, so it doesn’t necessarily a goodbye to Cyanogens version of Android to OnePlus One.

On Reddit have Carl Pei previously written, that it is likely to be the case that OxygenOS is something you must Flash on his phone, if you want it.

Otherwise the CyanogenMod 12S, as is the OnePlus One based on Android Lollipop, be standard as the OTA update.