ONO Launches New Convergent Rates with Final Prices and Are Aimed to Give Smartphones

One of the major complaints users of ONO, whether those seeking to hire them or those who are already customers, is that the Millicom has no convergent offer very solid, and is usually use enough deals with one-year when the current trend is to offer a final price in the convergent rates.

And without that the Titanium Plan has yet entered into force, traced by the company to continue growing in the next three years, ONO has decided to fix the mentioned handicap launching new convergent rates with fixed Internet connection of 20 Mbps combined with different mobile rates from 42.23 euros per month forever.

ONO already had a convergent rate with final price that it linked the connection of 20 Mbps for home and mobile tariff with 200 minutes and 200 MB per month but now this option suffer a major drop in price and it plus join you two new options. The following are the possible combinations mobile rates and fixed connection of 20 Mbps:

  • Internet 20/2 Mbps + mobile with 200 minutes and 200 MB per 42.23 euros.
  • Internet 20/2 Mbps + mobile with 500 minutes and 500 MB for 60.38 euro.
  • Internet 20/2 Mbps + mobile with 100 minutes and 1 GB per 61.59 euro.
  • Internet 20/2 Mbps + mobile 1000 minutes and 1 GB / 73.69 euros.

In all cases included a landline rate flat on calls to fixed national and 500 minutes a month mobile Ono and 60 minutes per month to other mobile operators from the fixed, the high, the installation and the WiFi router. The mobile line has a stay of 12 months associated with a penalty of 90 euros and shipping costs SIM card are 11.98 EUR.

If you exceed the minutes included in the different rates of mobile calls are paid six cents per minute at ONO destinations and 18 cents per minute to other domestic destinations, always adding the 0.18 euros in the call set-up. In the case of data speed is reduced to 128 kbps down to overcome the franchise’s data, by cutting off the connection arriving at 1 GB in the rate with 200 MB, to reach 2 GB at the rate of 500 MB and when you reach 3 GB at the rate of 1 GB.

Free Nokia Lumia 520 with 24 months of permanence

ONO as well as renew their convergent fixed 20 Mbps Internet offering with final prices has also launched a new promotion that includes for the first time in the Millicom a free smartphone, in this case Nokia Lumia 520, which is available on the web offers Combining 50 Mbps connection and TP200 and TP500 mobile rates.

ONO was already offering long mobile handsets to their customers through a payment in which you can choose the term, between 12 and 24 months, and the monthly pay, which depends on the initial payment, but this is the first time who chooses to directly give a smartphone, which clearance round the 130 euros, but that if, with 24 months of permanence.