Oppo N1: First Smartphone with Alternative Android Version of CyanogenMod

The Chinese company oppo sold his Smartphone N1 in a limited version with alternate CyanogenMod Android version 10.2, the Android 4.2 jelly bean corresponds to. The mobile phone with 16 gigabytes of internal memory in Germany in the online-shop of the manufacturer to purchase is available for 449 euros. As grave goods, the package contains a CyanogenMod protective case for the Smartphone and stickers with the OPPO’s mascot CID and Ollie.

Full HD and quad-core

The other equipment is identical to the normal version of the oppo N1, where Android 4.2 with the UI color is installed. The 5.9-inch display has a full HD resolution of 1980 x 1080 pixels. As a processor the Snapdragon 600 with four computing cores and a clock rate of 1.7 gigahertz is used. Memory is two gigabytes in size.

Rotating camera

Especially proud, the manufacturer is probably on the camera. It should be the first rotating Smartphone camera. Their range of motion is 206 degrees. With six lenses, an aperture of 2.0 and a CMOS sensor, she takes photos up to 13 megapixels resolution. According to the manufacturer, it is in 0.6 seconds shooting.

Step by step: so use the CyanogenMod Installer

18 steps, download and install

Touch panel on back

Also exceptional, the touch panel on the back of the oppo N1 is. It allows to scroll with one finger and to take pictures and to facilitate the operation of the large Smartphone with one hand. The 213 grams heavy N1 supports including UMTS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS. An LTE version does not exist so far. Supplied with a Bluetooth chip heard as a remote shutter for the camera is used. with O-click

CyanogenMod for all

Oppo sold the N1 with CyanogenMod in limited numbers, the Installer file for the version of Android but for all versions of the Smartphone to download offers. Installing CyanogenMod should be possible without root operation from the menu.