Ortel Mobile Will Miss The Closing on 15 December

We already have seen as to virtual mobile operators group are that more lines capture every month do not all alike, many of them even losing lines through portability, as it was the case of Ortel Mobile, of what is now known the news of its closure.

Will be on December 15 when Mark arrival in Spain of the hand of KPN, withdrawal from the country following the sale of Simyo to Orange, take the decommissioning their services from mobile phone following a change of hands included, and thus adding a list of missing MVNOs as they were moving 40, Vueling mobile or Vectone.

Through a terse announcement on its website Ortel Mobile has announced that it will cease to operate from mid-December deadline that users will have with lines in the operator for port your number to another company not to lose it, while now we already enjoy from day 1 and promotions may not be top-ups.

Ortel Mobile hit the Spanish market as one of the brands of the Dutch KPN, that it also had in his day with brands such as Simyo or Blau, with the focus mainly aimed at foreign audiences with attractive rates for international calls. Half year ago and before the departure of Spain Alfonso Rodriguez KPN, until then its country manager, took the operator in an attempt to revive it.

But it seems that the shift towards a national offer in prepaid combining bonds of voice and data at good price has not given results to Ortel Mobile which has finally led to its closure, which is attached to the of many other brands of companies in various fields as they were mobile XL, Vueling mobile, Vectone or mobile Zero.