Our Site Closes for CPR-Security Hole

Our site has already Thursday closed one security hole that allowed access to social security information.

After fierce criticism, our site acted quickly, and solved a part of the security flaw that made it possible to find the names and social security numbers for use by criminals.

By repeated attempts to enter the last four digits of a social security number, it could be possible to find both name and social security number on unsuspecting Danes.

Our site announced Thursday, according to our site, the company has implemented a solution that would ensure that companies such as URf.eks. OK-Mobile that retrieves information through Our site, no longer has the same security hole.

Now it is only possible to enter an incorrect social security number 5 times before the system shuts down for several experiments.

The last part will be closed according to our site Communications Manager Maria Vilhardt, in the course of the coming week.

– “The solution comes into force next week. Here you have three attempts, if not you enter this information correctly to lock the postings on the date of birth in 24 hours, “she says to the our site.