Our Site Ready to Buy Phone Company

Telecommunications company our site has said that they are ready for acquisitions of competitors in the industry – our site. But the price too high.

Telecommunications industry in Denmark is under pressure, there are too many telecommunications companies for money, says experts.

Our site is also ready to buy phone company, except for the price of our site’s owners are demanding. Last year’s accounts are true and fair, then it will be three billion worth, while according to the Swedish media required 6.6 billion kroner from.

-“Our site probably should have been a little more aggressive in its acquisitions in the past and bought some more of the smaller companies up for growth must be done through acquisitions. Now there are not so many more independent companies to buy the cave. They are all owned by one of the great, so you have to buy one of the big ones. Over the past ten years, no one, except 3, managed to grow organically – everything else is done through acquisitions. And 3 have only done it by launching its own low-cost brand, Oister, and because the competitors for too long let 3 gain an advantage on the 3 g market, so it was cheaper for the others later to come in here, “says Executive Director Søren Abildgaard to our site’s our site.

Denmark’s largest telecommunications company our site has also been for sale for a long time, but would our site to buy this, there would also be able to be sure you know whether they could be allowed to it – as the Danish competition authority and the EUROPEAN UNION immediately would come over.

Søren Abildgaard and our site is however ready for acquisitions once it right discount shows up.

-“We must do better, and if the opportunity presents itself to buy up, are we going to do it, because Denmark is an important part of our site’s Scandinavian home market,” says Søren Abildgaard.