Outdoor Tip | Snow-Shoe Hiking

Who wants to enjoy the deep white snow times other than on skis, snowboard or at a cozy snow hike, we want to bring closer the subject of snow-shoe hiking the. Get a first look at the techniques of snow-shoe hiking, necessary equipment, as well as tips for trips…

Snow-shoe hiking

The oldest archaeological finds of snow shoes date back to the time between 3,800 to 3,700 b.c.. Originally developed as a means of transportation due to strong snowfall, snow-shoe hiking has become today a recreational sport, which enjoys increasing popularity. Snowshoeing connects easily with the direct experience of nature deep white snow sports.

Come with snow shoes at his own expense to requires a special talents nor great training preparations. A sporty leisure activity come with the whole family, whether young or old, at their own expense. All you need for this is a snowy landscape to romp, the right equipment and a little feeling of balance of just a few, easy-to-learn basic techniques of locomotion that but with the time by alone provides.

Even if the composition of today’s snowshoes has fundamentally changed, the principle is the same as also the first early findings. Through the enlarged surface of snowshoes, the own weight is distributed space and preventing a sinking into the snow.

The benefits of snowshoe hiking

Which are special benefits of snowshoe hiking that you can enter each region also completely untouched areas off the traced paths and enjoy the landscape as well as the silence. However, only the areas that are shared for the snowshoe hiking should be hiked in any case because otherwise unintentionally damaged the nature could both startled in hibernating animals. The avalanche danger should not be underestimated. We here introduce some basic techniques of snow hiking.

Locomotion with snowshoes

A for first introduction of basic transportation techniques with snowshoes in the forward provided video post. As a general rule, that the walking technology depends on the nature of the terrain, as well as the texture of the snow. To prevent mesh hook of the wide snow shoes hike, a slightly larger step width is selected always as is the case with normal walking without snowshoes. To prevent a strong decline in particularly loose snow coverings, also, it is recommended always to place first on the heels.

Going forward through flat terrain

The Basic step of transportation in the plane is the diagonal step. Here to be the feet just slightly more to the sides away spread than is the case with regular walking. Also, boards of snowshoes not entirely from the ground are withdrawn, but instead a sliding step type selected in steps diagonally away run from the middle of the body.

Committing inclines

Order to take hills, snow-shoes, usually the stair step is selected. The tip of the snow shoe is placed just horizontally to climbed to the Hill like a staircase. The snow is very relaxed, Grätenschrittis recommended but more, it runs similar to the stair tread, with the difference that also in this case the toes more be turned outwards. The season step can help one with strong snow drifts and very steep sections. This step technique, the Hill sideways is committed with parallel position of the feet.

Cross slopes

Who must cross a slope downhill, selects the best the line step. This step technique, the feet are used directly against one another on a straight line. Warning, this also avalanches can be thrown depending on the terrain and texture of snow. Therefore slopes should be crossed only when it is absolutely necessary.

Slopes descending

For the descent slope, the choice of the glide step, recommends similar like in skiing. To, the feet be lifted and again deposed in a slightly forward sliding motion only slightly above the snow cover. Alternatively, the two-lane season step can be selected here.

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