Overview: LG G Flex Anmeldeldt, Android to the Coffee Table and Phone Screens That Fills the Front out.

At the end of the week, and our stie brings together the week’s main news here.

LG G Flex review: a mobile for the enthusiast

It will be marketed as flexible, self-healing and generally ahead of the curve. We’ve seen a closer look at LG’s new flagship.

Android is soon ready to adorn the coffee table

From mobile phones over tablets and now to the furnishing in the living room looking Android out to take market share.

How big is the screen on the cell phone? See the list of best and worst here

Wish scenario with screen on the entire front is not yet a reality. See here what smartphone that best exploits the square.

IOS 7.1 approaches. See here what you have in store

The mobile site has tested away at Apple’s bug fixes and improvements to iOS 7. See here some of the things you can look forward to with iOS 7.1.

Here’s HTC M8-the successor to the HTC One

Now we can show a leaked image of the front page of the new HTC M8 that follows HTC One.