Overview: Netflix Drawers Hideously in Denmark

Netflix has finally come to Denmark, we have examined the very second the past week – and get an overview here.

Streaming service Netflix has at long last come to Denmark, but the drawers hideously upon arrival. We have looked more closely at the service and compared with another alternative.

Samsung has presented the world’s press for a mini version of the popular Galaxy S III. We have looked more closely at the new smartphone and compared it with both the top model, as well as the older and more unknown Samsung Galaxy S Advance, as “innards” recalls.

HTC also announced a new high-end smartphone in the past week – the joy was short-lived. For HTC J Butterfly does not come to Denmark.

Microsoft Surface is sent on the street in the first countries on 26 March. October, but here is not among Denmark. So would you you the in the first round, must you abroad and find your copy. For it does not come on the Danish market in the first place.