Paper Napkin

Kitchen rolls from Zellstofftissue are practical and absorbent. Thanks to the perforations, the leaves can simply be demolished from the roll and used for wiping and drying off. Napkins, however, are decorative and special flair and ambience give a covered table. Napkins can be equally effective in classic white with print.


Kitchen rolls are used not only in kitchens, but are kept like in a drawer of the desk to quickly have a cloth at hand, when the ink out of the filler is running, lubricates the pen or the coffee was spilled. Like, also screens are cleaned from the PC in order, the appropriate PC cleaning cloth should be just not ready. Kitchen rolls can be found in workshops or in the hobby cellar, in the trunk of the car or in the picnic basket. They are used for drying the hands or washed fruit and lays like to see fried, where they absorb excess fat.

Paper napkin-1

Napkins are on every table and home or they are used to particularly festive occasions like fabric. In canteens and fast-food restaurants, Cafés or offices or in everyday life at home is usually napkins from cellulose or tissue used, because this is more economical. Often missing in these facilities also simply the opportunity to wash napkins made of fabric after use. Napkins are printed to find in many colors and beautiful patterns. Differences in the quality of show in the Grammage and positions. A napkin has more layers and it is heavier, more stable and grippier she will be.