Pebble Hitting Net-Record with New Smartwatch

Pebble publishes a smartwatch, featuring new design, more features and a redesigned steering system: meet Pebble Hour.

On Kickstarter smashes the new Pebble Hour right now several previous records, as the necessary amount of $ 500,000 was collected in just 17 minutes.Today, two days later, backed up around the clock with a staggering $ 10 million. equivalent to 66 million. Crowns.

New design and increased functionality

The clock is the third from the Pebble, and worked on to improve it in all corners and edges.

There is thus a 20% thinner design of 9.5 mm with a frame on the screen in stainless steel. The rest is still plastic and now with a form factor that resembles a traditional watch significantly more.

A smartwatch must like to keep power for a long time, and that disappoints the new Pebble certainly isn’t.From the laws of at least 7 days of power with the first clock it is now for up to 7 days. It is therefore still lengths in front of the competing clocks.

The screen has also been given a proper overhaul. Be done again using an e-paper display, which provides you with long battery life. Thanks to the display technology and a surface treatment can you use the watch in sunlight without problems.

The big news at the screen is that it now can display colors. Color screen is also protected by Gorilla Glass to avoid scratches and damage.

Pebble Time is just like the original watch water resistant, so you can easily take a swim or let the rain fall on it according to Pebble. As something new, they have also worked to make the watch-wearing.

There follows a 22 mm strap with made of soft silicone, which can be exchanged to another in less than 10 seconds, if you are in need of something new.

Improved control system with voice response

The operating system has been conceived from scratch in order to enhance the experience, and it has resulted in the user interface with the name timeline. It brings a streamlined overview future calendars, alarms and organize relevant information. In the Kickstarter-video below shows team the new operating system.
Time line also allows you to respond to your notifications with voice – however, only to a limited extent.On Android, it is possible with most major apps like SMS, Hangouts, Gmail, Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger, but also hundreds of others, they say. For iOS is the only Gmail notifications, which allows this so far. Support for more apps, however, is under way.

On the other hand, 6500 existing apps and watches, which already is compatible with Pebble Hour.

Availability and price

Pebble reports that the Agency is ready for may to a special price for contributors on Kickstarter. Here sounds price of $ 159 (1050 dollars), while the indicative price will be $ 199 (1300 dollars), after all the Kickstarter-customers receive clock.