Pebble: Why Is Android App Store Is not Ready Yet

Lack of resources and the complexity on the Android platform is supposedly the answer to why Pebbles Android app store is not ready yet.

IOS users have recently benefited from the dedicated app store to Pebble smartwatch, but Android version is still not completely finished. Be preserved, you can download a beta version by register as a developer, but will wait for the finished version, it takes a little time yet.

Pebble engineering Kean Wong explains a little about the issues, in brief, there are two factors that come into play, the complexity and lack of resources.

Wong explains that the Agency should play along with a variety of technologies such as Bluetooth, Java environment, Internet, miscellaneous background processes, many versions of Android and a hundred different units with different specifications. This is not so much different than what is otherwise exposed to developers, but Pebbles complications rows a bit deeper than most in that it involves its very own app store he tells.

Further, there will be the resources available, the team that is behind Android portion has simply not hands enough to give a definitive date for when they expect to be finished.

The earlier announcement that Android portion will be ready “very, very soon” after the launch of the iOS app store, seems so to not completely hold water.