Perfect Pants for Pear Shaped Body

We will not lie, finding the perfect pants when we round this is not so simple. We must both find the model that sticks to our morphology, one in which we feel good… But we also find that we like and in which you feel beautiful. They tell you everything!

First Morphology Matter

Finding the perfect pants when one is round, it is primarily a matter of morphology.

Who has not experienced the hassle of jeans that does not stay in place and have to go back all day? What woman has ever faced the perfect pants at the thighs, but too wide at the waist… or the opposite?

This is true not only for sizes 52 and up. From the 40/42 size, finding pants that perfectly falls and in which you feel good can resemble an obstacle course.

This, stylists have understood. This is also the advantage of offering its customers both the opportunity to purchase in stores and online. Each salesperson can thus trace the small adjustments, the desires of the client. So, with many years of experience, MSMode has developed several sections corresponding to different morphologies and allowing each woman to find pants that fits him, one in which it feels good immediately, just as if was custom made ​​for her.

It Is Also a Matter Of Style

Make no mistake about it, when you’re looking for the perfect pants, is not just looking pants in which we go… It’s ancient history!

Today, curvy women have style and not hiding anymore!

And it also MSmode has understood by offering a large size fashion totally uninhibited, sticking perfectly to the trends. Six pants cuts are thus declined to allow each woman to find exactly what she seeks.

So right, slim, boyfriend, flare or bootcut? What jeans are right for you?

What Will Be Your Perfect Pant?

Above all, remember that all Jeans MSmode include spandex for comfort. Do not hesitate to take one size smaller because it will relax. If you take it from the adjusted fitting, there is a safe bet that it will be a little big in a few hours.


Lily pattern is somewhat the classic MSmode pants. Without flare, it is slightly wider at the knees and to the bottom. That’s jeans women who appreciate the comfort of a model that can carry and refer regardless of fashion or trends, a kind of timeless, basic.

The advantage: it exists in many versions, but especially in two lengths to track your silhouette.


Iris is the pants terrain. You can wear it every day, in all circumstances and with almost all senior.

It is close to the leg without being tight unlike the slim leg that conforms to the bottom.

The advantage: it lengthens the silhouette and is also available in two lengths.


Daisy is a trouser cool looking . A little further, it will be perfect for your outfits more relaxed, but you can also play with. It is a revisited boyfriend.

Roll it with a pair of sneakers for a casual effect or with heels for a sexy effect.

It will quickly become the favorite model of all those who are slightly plump leg.


Violet is the bootcut band. Flared from the knees but perfectly fitted to the buttocks, it provides a nice enhancement of the silhouette. It is a timeless declined in many colors of jeans and available in two lengths.


Magic is our favorite heart… He goes to all the women they dress in 40 or 54.

MSmo de managed a masterstroke… It’s simple when you put it, you have the feeling of having lost a size!

Your belly, buttocks and legs are re-sculpted figure for zero defect , and more … It is cozy!

It is also available in capris release. This is the perfect pants when one is round, the pants that you must. It exists in many colors. You must at least own one black!

An Amazing Deal!

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It is the perfect time to get seduced by all the models that you like the try quietly at home and return the rest for free.