Plantronics BackBeat Go 2: Bluetooth Headset in the Test

Has for a better seat at the in-ear headset Plantronics BackBeat go 2 the silicone plugs changed. Compared to its predecessor, the new silicone rubbers adhere better in the ear. But that protects the headset still does not, jogging back and forth from your ear to slip, but for many the seat improved as a result. In the right part of the cord, approximately at mouth level, a control with microphone is attached. The keys are to feel unique, far better than its predecessor. Hide in the right earpiece charger port and status LED. All Electronics is the nano coating P2i, which offer increased protection against moisture and perspiration to.

Version with spare battery available

For a tiny Bluetooth headphones around 4.5 hours of battery life is very impressive. Absolute terms but not even enough for a long train ride. Plantronics is quite aware and taking action against the Akkunot by two means: for a long time listener of the manufacturer offers a version with case. A small battery is hidden, which is enough for two full loads. After the train ride just put the headphones in the protective case, connect the charging adaptor and is already catered for enough entertainment on the trip. The second approach to the overtime is invisible: In standby mode, the headset is to consume less power. Then enters a Deepsleep mode, which will consume almost no charge even after six months.

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Improved sound

Plantronics has significantly optimized the sound according to own statements when compared to its predecessor. And, indeed, improve the quality of sound is audible. Especially when seated properly in the ear, the bass is more pronounced. The in-ear design also shields the wearer against the most ambient noise. Associated with an iPhone with iOS7 that work forward by pressing the plus button. A control on the headset controls the volume of the unit. On devices with Android 4.0, these functions are unfortunately not usable.

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Conclusion: Plantronics BackBeat go 2

The BackBeat go 2 offers everything you want from a Bluetooth headset: wireless freedom, a comfortable control of the music and sound as long as the headphones sit well. The meager 4.5 hours battery life is rather low though the size quite considerably, however, when compared to other headsets. Other Bluetooth headsets make usually six to twelve hours, but also greater for this.

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