Plus Size Lingerie at New York Fashion Week

Who says plus size fashion has to be ugly and boring?

It’s been a long time since this idea comes from dying. A proof of that was the plus size lingerie at New York fashion week.

Ashley Graham, a 28-year-old American model, which has an own brand plus size lingerie showed that this market can be even more promising than skinny women.

She opened the show with a lingerie model simply marvelous from Berwickfashion.

It is difficult to find a bra so pretty like that in Brazil. I slobbered all over that model, any brand wishing to create something so beautiful like this in smaller sizes.

Ashley also used another model type, strapless, with a superimposed to the neck, causing a transparency effect amazing, beautiful.

This model I’m already seeing some brands here in Brazil:

This model is the Belles, good-looking, a trend, definitely. It’s perfect with necklines.

But back to the show, Ashley drew the attention of the spotlight on New York Fashion Week 2016 and paralyzed all with so much beauty. And it’s not for less, right? She is very beautiful, glamorous.

In your Instagram found a few more images of her and the lingerie:

The top is an activist defending the diversity of the female body. With the hashtag #IAmSizeSexy, the model has encouraged women to highlight his own body, independent of the size they wear.

On the show, Ashley has posted “That incredible experience. All the girls were awesome.

A nice initiative, I also super advocate. I don’t think we’re the ones who have to adapt to the rules of fashion, but the market needs to see the diversity and offer options for every body type, without prejudice, without bias.

I know it sounds Utopian, sometimes, but initiatives such as the Ashley shows that we are on the way!