Politicians: Our Site Who Are Careless with CPR-Security Must Be Punished

Both the Government and opposition heralding new sanctions facing companies who are careless with CPR-safety.

After that again came forward, to the security of social security numbers was extremely sloppily with several our site, politicians from both the Government and the opposition up to a harder course across from the companies.

The Social Democrats’ spokesman on Trine Bramsen, it says to the our site, that she now will examine the possibility of introducing tougher sanctions across from telecommunications companies, if they are careless about cpr-safety.

-“A possibility would be to incur sanctions send permissions in the form of mobile frequencies,” says Trina Bramsen.

The opposition also paves the way for a stronger exchange rate: the Liberal Party’s spokesman Michael Astrup Jensen, it says that he is deeply shocked, and do not believe that the current opportunity, to give a reprimand from the Danish Data is enough.

-“There must be a fine system that provides a greater incentive for companies to bring SOCIAL SECURITY-security in order,” says Michael Aastrup Jensen.