Popular Weather Apps for iOS and Android in the Test

Threatens traffic chaos tomorrow because the first snow paralysing everything? Must I now warmly dressed, or can the summer Joppa? Best apps to create clarity about the current and future weather and clearly put the information on the display. The app test determines what they do: COMPUTER image took five popular purchase weather apps under the magnifying glass.

Where do come from the weather info?

A weather app is only as good as the data that uses them. The German app providers Weather Pro and Wetter.com refer these claims by the German weather service. For the finishing touches will guarantee international sources as well as in-house forecasting systems and meteorologists. With success, as the test shows: The forecasts of those apps were most reliable; the competition based overseas uses only U.S. services such as AccuWeather when looking at Germany weather and delivers less accurate values.

weather apps in the test

Mobile weather applications

Design or details?

Preparation of weather data, the Germans shine also: Weather Pro and Wetter.com (Pro versions only) provided information lots and in the test had the nose forward. Anders weather live and weather +: Which present themselves in cute animated presentation, offered but only weather info with just a few details, and for not much more than that with iOS and Android apps installed. eWeather HD dares the balancing act, is but cluttered and cumbersome to use. Outrageous: The expensive app weather + sucks with advertising. Also applies to Wetter.com (Android) but it’s free.

Smartphone Test: The best Models
Tablet Test: The best Models

Same app, same place, different weather!

Loads weather data and forecasts were obtained In the test lab. Surprising result: on iPhone and Android phone the same app was sometimes different values in the same place and at the same time! Possible cause: the app providers deliver the current weather data delayed and at different times on the devices.

Local weather at your fingertips

Usually the weather on your own doorstep is most interesting. Via a GPS signal, it is fix ready. This automatic location detection is missing only weather +. And also bombed the app to locate German places: 30 searches, five hit miserable! The other apps knew each other in Germany significantly better off.

Conclusion: light and shadow

The test winner Weather Pro and Wetter.com Pro offer much for the money. They score major points with detailed weather data in the clear look. Less convincing: Live and weather + weather. That look good and are pretty animated, offer but little detailed weather information and are cumbersome to use.