Practical Test: Simvalley Mobile AW-414. Go

Smartphone wrist

No matter whether Sony’s Smartwatch 2 or Samsung’s Galaxy gear so far were smart watches only a secondary screen for your Smartphone. Episode: The Smartwatch to the ordinary watch contracted without a connection to the mobile phone. The announcement of Omate Truesmart, a Smartwatch with private radio module, could be a real Smartwatch, but she delayed for several months. Instead grabs the Simvalley mobile AW-414. Go the title of the first independent mass Smartwatch. The AW-414. Go on the phone, receives mail, play YouTube videos and photographed without a Smartphone Knebelei.

Anti-reflecting metal

The AW-414. Go makes a robust and especially high-quality impression. The clearances are; total moves the processing at a high level. Because of the impressive metal case, brings the Smartwatch about 90 grams and is thus only slightly lighter than a Smartphone. The rubber bracelet makes a good impression while visually, but smells like solvents. Replace it can be not so easy, because the part of the strap below the display is firmly connected to the clock: is the speaker and the GPS antenna are located. Hidden on the left side, behind two screws, the micro-SIM card slot is located. Right two buttons control the clock, in between sits the three-megapixel camera. The battery of the Smartwatch can be replaced by opening four screws at the bottom. Fit a microSD card in the slot. Unfortunately, seals are missing both the SIM cover on the bottom. That makes the watch against sweat, rain, and hand-washing delicate.

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Technical data

The dual-core processor (clock rate: 1.3 gigahertz) easy game has with Android 4.2.2: the clock responds fast and thanks to the 512 megabytes of memory, multiple open applications are not an obstacle. The display is 240 x 240 pixels on the 1.5-inch touchscreen and is sufficiently hot to read text. Also the input of kurzen(!) Text is amazingly good. Typos are almost didn’t happen. The internal memory barely has room for something more than a gigabyte. Only after inserting a microSD card, use the three-megapixel camera is possible. There are also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 in addition to global wireless connections (quad-band), HSPA with up to 7.2 megabits per second. The clock has a position and acceleration sensor, a compass and a GPS module.

Without any Smartphone

The Smartwatch AW-414. Go comes out without a Smartphone because it is itself a Smartphone: instead of showing only parts of the messages of the Smartphone, the Smartwatch represents even YouTube videos. The complete app offer of the Google play store is for the AW-414. Go available. Certainly: Temple run on the small 1.5-inch display is incorrectly when writing an email, some getting off and on and on the small screen, it’s hard to follow with Google maps, but it works. To make calls directly from the Watch works but when you use a handsfree system, but more convenient, it goes through a Bluetooth headset. With a Bluetooth keyboard, even writing emails would very easily and with a Bluetooth game controller… What is lacking are more dials for the watch, which on the one hand show events in the display and on the other hand also beautiful to look at. Also, the position sensor should be used to the automatic activation of the display, easier to read off the time.

Fair-weather spycam

The camera take pictures only with three-megapixel resolution photos. More than a quick snapshot is not in there. Indoors, a strong noise joins the already minimal detail reproduction. The low level of detail attempted a strong sharpness filter against to work. Although sharp outlines, but also greatly exaggerated interference effects are the result. Videos are outdated 3GP format with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels recorded.

Conclusion: Simvalley mobile AW-414. Go

The available among the catalogers Pearl Simvalley mobile AW-414. Go is the first available Smartwatch which also worthy of the name: A robust metal housing, a radio module for phone calls and the connection to the Google play store make a Smartphone appear superfluous. The greatest shortcoming is the missing seal against moisture here the waterproof sister model AW-420 is recommended. RX.