Premiering in the Use of Oils Beauty

When women have to choose a ‘fetish product’ for our beauty and -facial care or bodily usually opted for moisturizers or masks or inherited art brands from mothers to daughters. And rarely we remember the wonderful properties of cosmetic oils. Specifically products with a high proportion of vegetable oils say-that come from seeds or fruits or flowers macerated in oil-, have a lot of vitamins and nutritional fatty acids.
Whatever the skin needs to look vital and fresh! However you can not confuse with mineral oils or paraffins called. Under that name petroleum yes, they have the ability to isolate the skin from the outside but do not let it breathe included and, of course, not nurture (so goodbye to Vaseline!).

Do not get confused.

How do I buy it?

When you go to buy a pure or mixed in a compound that includes vegetable oil, choose one of the highest quality. How to recognize them? The label wants the oil proceed ‘first cold pressing’ or is ‘virgin’ or ‘unrefined’. Those words guarantee their quality

On the other hand, when you buy a cosmetic I will always recommend that, if possible, choose formulas that have no parabens as preservatives although some legal, I think that there are reasonable doubts about its ‘side effects’. You can learn more about this topic by clicking here.

There are types of skin and skin types

It is true that many cosmetic oils are perfect for dry and even sensitive skin but what about the fat or combination skin?

If these skins should select very well the type of oil that can put on your skin but not generalize, not all oils are prohibited. They must always find ways not comedogenic-that means that not clog poros- and appropriate to the need to seek cover for each oil has its qualities.

If you’ve never used cosmetics textured oil I recommend you first emplees in some small part of your body and then if you feel comfortable with the feeling passes to use on the face. If you are using a, suitable for the skin, and a trusted brand vegetable oil it is normal that you do not have allergy problems and it is normal that you do not have chemicals and, unlike you help detoxify the skin. But I know a case where there has been -very rare- reaction, so test first on a small area of ​​the body.

An especially important aspect is the preservation of the product. A oils, as none of the products from your beauty set, like high temperatures. Avoid storing in the upper area of ​​the bathroom (you know, heat rises …) and put them near the tub or shower.

What oil is for you?

But here are some beauty tips about these oils and learn to use them to be a good ally. You have two possibilities: use alone or mixed with moisturizer that usually Empees. Personally, the mixture seems to me the best option but try and choose for yourself.

Argan oil. In this wonderful oil I devoted an entire article that you can read here

  • Coconut oil. It is one of the most used in India to keep hair nourished ingredients. It can be deposited on the tips or the entire hair and leave act between an hour and all night, before washing it off very well the next morning. In addition, as is an oil with moisturizing properties can be used both in the skin of the face and in the body and also to tone the skin after cleansing. In addition, as you know, it is one of the oils used in the oil pulling.
  • Monoi oil. For its moisturizing and nourishing properties it is perfect to apply after shower on slightly damp skin. You can also add a few drops to bath water or apply it on the hair when it is dry straw to help to regenerate.
  • Jojoba oil. It is suitable for oily skin (yes you read that right!) and an excellent cleaner. Although it may seem strange, applied to the face with a cotton removes excess sebum and leaves skin perfectly clean.
  • Rosehip. Regenerates the skin from the inside. Thus, it is great for scars and marks, for example, and also for wrinkles and blemishes. Make sure that before applying the skin is clean and well moisturized pores to absorb it. You can also apply on stretch marks to narrow the gap.