Preview of Men’s Shoes for Winter

We still have a few more months before temperatures begin to fall of truth still from February the stores are already beginning to receive collections of Demi-season or even winter 2013. Who is curious to know what bring national brands in terms of men’s shoes can check some trends that are being shown to retailers in Couromoda 2013, in Anhembi, Sao Paulo, SP.

What seems to be present in several models this season is the mixture between the traditional and the innovative. The varnish appears both in social abotinados in shoes of pipe short and medium, as the model of Ferracini in featured from the top, the nozzles are slightly thinner and the colors become more vibrant, note that even the soles escape. Brogues, oxfords and Neapolitans are still having success.

Below, another example that combines tradition and innovation:

The military loses a little of your seriousness and WINS more urban contours, diluting the references to the army, acquiring a footprint more streetwear. The boots are still heavy, with tratorados soles, but take effect worn in suede leather with muted colors.

Below you see two examples of the West Coast and one from Ferracini in sequence:

Comfort is one of the most important concepts in this winter, where heat, nylon and Sweatshirt while protecting technological materials. The functional modeling elastic sides and include the design also uses the colored soles to add value to the product, be it social or casual, sports, on the other hand, there are minimalists.

The first two models are of Freeway, the third of Ferracini:

The rusticity of visual terroso is also present in men’s shoes of winter 2013, with the appreciation of models coming just worn and stained material. The soles tratorados also give the guys here and ethnic influences which refer to current times, where the culture globalization prevails, can appear in small details.

The first two examples below are from Ferracini, the rest of the West Coast:

The author’s opinion

Some trends remain from past winters, with minor variations, since the varnish seems to gain strength and creativity in challenging models that can fall in like the Brazilian, more accustomed to discreet, but shoes can end up being seduced by the refined style of the finish.