Pushbullet Is Updated So That We Can Respond to The SMS from Your Computer

Pushbullet It has become an essential application for me. It is not for less, useful is a while because as you know allow us to receive mobile notifications on the screen of the computer and to send documents or Fragments of text from one device to another. We can also filter to choose what you want to appear on the screen and which not.

The latest update is a very important step forward although in the case of Spain is to use a little more decaf. Yes, with this new version of Pushbullet We can answer SMS messages from the window that appears to us in our computer. Very useful if we often use this medium.

As I said it is of a somewhat bittersweet update Since the use of SMS in Spain has fallen much with the rise of data rates. However in the United States continues to have much pull since many years they have been free, and how to communicate more common.

A step forward, Yes, but that leaves us wanting to see that this option is compatible with more applications. You will be thinking “With Whatsapp”. The truth is that now it can be but to use it need us an additional application and also make you root to our device.

Remind you that Pushbullet has beta program and that you can point to your community to receive updates before other users. If you have not tried it yet it is worth giving opportunity. Saves me personally long time on and off the screen whenever it vibrates I mobile.