Put Bottles on the Light Pattern Reduces the Account?

Who never bothered to get to the home of a relative, a friend or an acquaintance and find a pet bottle with water, about a light meter? A few years ago that tip, coming from nowhere, has become a fairly common practice in Brazil, in order to reduce the value of the electricity bill. But is there any truth to that?

Unfortunately, no. Some scientific studies on this curious question were made by students of physics and electrical engineering from PUC-RS, but for sadness of many people, the results showed that she is nothing but a myth, that is, put a plastic bottle with water, on top the light pattern does not exercise any influence to reduce energy consumption.

However, it is worth drawing attention to a much more serious problem: the Act of tampering with the power meter. Who commits this Act is committing a crime capitulated far in the criminal code, art. 155, §3, known as “theft” and, if caught, will have a big headache.

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