Quick Makeup Tips to Make in the Car

Tips on how to do a quick makeup inside your car

The day gets busy for women who already wake up doing two or more things at the same time, like getting their kids to school, preparing breakfast or even having an organized one in the house before leaving to fulfill their obligations. Here are some quick makeup tips to do in the car, with such a rush, sometimes you do not have time to get a simple lipstick, let alone prepare a neat makeup. But believe me, it is possible to get out of the face washed and get to work with a flawless make, as if you had spent good minutes in front of the mirror.

How to do quick makeup on the car. To do a quick makeup on the car, the first tip is to load a nécessaire with basic products like: facial sunscreen, foundation, compact powder, concealer, eye pencil, mascara, blush, lipstick and shade. To make sure you do not miss the colors of make, always have lipstick shades in the bag, one softer for the day and one stronger for the night. The same goes for the shadows. After all, you can come up with an after-hours invitation and you’re sure to want to be well-crafted. Make it easier to make using the fingers or the compact brushes that usually come with the cartons to apply the products. To begin with, first apply a little sunscreen to your face. Then use the base, spreading all over the face. With the concealer, conceal dark circles and disguise the patches on the skin, giving a slight beating with the product at the fingertips. Apply the compact powder only in the T region of the face with the sponge that already comes in the package. To give that healthy appearance, apply the blush lightly and give a few beatings to get more natural. The shadow can be deposited lightly with the fingers. Give preference for soft colors or just an illuminator. With the skin prepared, the next step is to makeup the eyes. You have seen that the traffic is stopped again and it will take a little longer, enjoy and caprice in the look by passing the eyelid close to the upper eyelashes and the water line at the bottom. Highlight the lashes with layers of mascara and finish the make by passing the lipstick. Check out the videos below, the step-by-step how to do makeup in the car to fulfill your day-to-day appointments or a more sophisticated production for the night these were the quick makeup tips to make in the car.

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