Recycled Paper Basket

take advantage of those advertising brochures that always leave us in your Inbox has been one of the challenges that I had proposed this year. We’re still in February and I can already say: done! I say really that has been a challenge, it can seems easy, but it has been a little hard work, mainly for the fingers. but I can tell you that the result exceeded expectations: in the end, I am left with a basket for toilet paper.


We buy here em casa. as always just by using – the for alguma coisa, never you deito fora. corset to pull or pauzinho before the end of enroll all or paper for that or rolo fique bem renovado.

the first step has been to make the rolls with the flyers. to make the job easier, I used a stick of bruschettas that we buy here at home. as I always use them for something, never throw them in the trash. We advise you to remove the stick before the end of the roll. If we do it only at the end, the roll will not be as tight as it should.

enroll or paper was fun e até relaxante. not end apliquei um pouco de tail branca e usei molas to help fix or role of maneira mais safe and fast.

make the rolls has been great fun and even relaxing. I advise you to apply a little glue to the end and use a clip to lock more safely and quickly.
to follow, fiz based em Cartão. as you can see nas pictures, colei os primeiros rolos na base symmetrically com tail quick branca.for safety and speed ao maior dry, coloquei uma tábua and uma pedra em cima, to make weight.

right away, I’ve done the carton base. as you can see in the photos, I have stuck to the base first rolls symmetrically with rapid white-tailed. for greater security and speed to dry, I have placed a table and a stone over.

to give a basket to form desired, utilizei cartões and molas.

I have used other cartons and clips to the desired shape.

AO complete each litter colei as limbs, passando sempre hair after side for that, uma time finished or work, as juncoes das different litters não sejam TB.

at the end of each layer, you’ve pasted the two extremities always passing through the part back, so that, once the work, are not seals in the layers.

to prolong you rolos, twisted um pouco as pontas to encaixar not rolo next, as you ve na photo.

to extend the rolls, I crushed a little tip to be able to hook it onto a new paper roll, as we can see in the photo.

e to cart continuava crescer, sempre com or Cartão e as molas to shape.

and basket keeps growing, always with carton and tweezers to shape.

to finish with basket: pasting as pontas for fora e depois for indoors, for prende – the no non-sense entrelacado do rolo.para end basket: the ends for outside and, immediately, to the inside, so that it engages in the same direction of the roll.

to terminate or trabalho paradero paint basket. I pintei or interior com brush, for being easy e não require so much Precisão. for or outdoor usei ink branca em spray ja providing result um mais perfeito e homogeneous.

to finish the job he was missing paint basket. I have painted the inside of the base with a brush. for the exterior I have used white spray ink, since it allows a perfect and homogeneous result.

and this was or final result, exactamenteo intended! What do you you think? I hope that this post will get inspirá-l@s to tempt!

and the final result, this was exactly what I wanted! you think, do you fancy?