Red Lips Should Be Kissed…

Who would not like him – the perfect Schmollmund? Women want him, men want to kiss him. However, the fewest women are blessed with such full lips as Angelina Jolie. This is why it is quite good to know in which trick box as a woman can grasp so;) I have selected here some times tips, with which you ladies can conjure up beautiful full lips.

The way to Schmollmund

The lip contours: The best way to do this is to draw your lip contour with a lipliner, also known as a lip contour pin. The lipliner is good for it, the lip perfectly bordered and a “fray” of the lipstick color at the edges avoids. The lipliners are available in different colors, he should always be a color nuance darker than your lipstick. When the lips are edged, it should be done with the lipliner at the edge of the lips and the lipliner is drawn from the middle of the mouth to the corners of the mouth. Tip:An additional volume effect of the lips can be achieved by slightly lathering the corners of the mouth with a slightly darker lipliner and blurring the color inside.

The lipstick color:The lipstick should be a color nuance brighter than the lipliner.Basically:for narrow lips should be used rather light, delicate shades, in order to enlarge the lips visually.Who has full lips, can also reach strong tones.After applying makeup with lipstick, you can lightly dab the lips with a cloth so that the lipstick does not stick anywhere.To make the color more durable, you can easily powder the lips and apply the lipstick color again lightly.Tip for the perfect Schmollmund: If the Schmollmund is really stunning, you can give in the middle of your lips still some lip gloss to create a beautiful shimmer effect.

Basically, you should pay attention that when you make your lips full, the eyes should not emphasize even more strongly.The focus, which you want to put on the mouth, is otherwise distracted.If you pay attention, Lady Angelina Jolie is in no way inferior to you, and can turn the heads of male creatures with your pouting mouth.