Report from the White House Found No Signs of Huawei-Espionage

A report that the White House has been made, show no evidence of spying from China’s Huawei.

A mysterious stamp study, as the White House, has ordered have not found any clear evidence that Huawei Technologies Ltd., was supposed to have spied for China. Have two confidential sources told the news agency Reuters.

The investigation has been going on for 18 months and was completed earlier this year.

However, to be pointed out that that there are vulnerabilities in the Huaweis software that hackers can exploit to damage American telecommunications companies, for example, for paralyzing or eavesdrop on mobile networks.

Last week there was a great deal of caution in the United States against the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE – and their telecommunications infrastructure. However, they lacked concrete evidence on the allegations.

According to Reuters, it appears not, about the vulnerabilities in IT security is there on purpose.

Founder and ceo, Ren Zhengfei huaweis, has once again rejected the allegations, which in his opinion is without reason.