Rereading of Past Trends Gains Strength in the Fall/Winter

Another season sets starting and you may think it’s time to spend hard-earned money in boutiques and department stores, is not it? Wrong! There’s a lot of play of other carnivals that can be used in the fall/winter 2016, as those with sports and military influence. So, Lady, can take the shoes out of the closet and let that lightness of summer right around the corner! “In the old days, a few years here, treated fashion as something disposable, which was used in the latest collection would not be used anymore. That mindset no longer waste market. Natural resources are extremely scarce, cotton is an absurd level of pollution. The designers are more aware of it, “explains the image and style consultant Marcia Honorato.

According to the Vicunha textile, autumn/winter trends keep the vintage, boho, references the destroyed and a more playful footprint. The tales, for example, seeks inspiration in the transmission of traditions, encouraging cultural awareness and arouse the creativity of the people. The handmade joins noble tissues of artsy finishes and prints. The classic shapes, like casaquetos, trench coats and ponchos to fit the folk with decorative details. The waist is still high, marked in wide legs, skinnys and midi skirts, for example.

Vintage inspires appearance destroyed of alchemy, a mixture of textures and finishes in more rustic mood. It’s like the evolution of patchwork and boho influences, with retro-looking fabrics and nuances washed out. Kimonos and poet blouses are combined the maxipantalonas, long skirts and overalls flare, according to cool hunter of Vicuna, Lorraine Bodi. Now is the time to invest in the relaxed style of joggers and coats with hood (follows reading I’ve ever, ever appear tips on how to take ownership of the sport more footprint). The years 60 and 70 continue inspiring, this time the mood recreation, more playful and full of languages: past and future, on and off, classic and modern, sleek and contemporary aesthetics (this includes the traditional breaking of the tailoring). We must be ready to find (and use, if applicable) applications, mix of fabrics, materials and tone contrasts; Ruffles, borados and matelassados, in addition to clean silhouettes.

And this Union of the vintage with the new comes also in trend revives, and then we get back to that inspiration destroyed, in the ugly becomes beautiful and inspiring. The fabrics come with textured surface, look corroded, worn, with black and gray. “Blue intense Predominate and blacks worked in graduation of faded shades and washes full of effects and textures,” says the cool hunter. Some of these effects appear in structured blazers, as matelassês and military-inspired applications.

Convinced that you can reuse a lot last season this fall/winter? And to make things more openly, the girl asked for tips Created image and style consultants on how to fit the mood and the military sports in the new season. Ready?

Of the trench coat and sneakers

The items that mark this style are the pieces of sweatpants, bomber jackets (those in the American style, with elastic at the waist), jogging pants and Sweatshirt type, kimonos, backpacks, coats, tops & blouses of cotton, body, long dress, knit sweater and turtleneck. To look not to be silly, and looking like we left straight to the gym, the image and style consultant Marcia Honorato suggests the “visual smart”, a sort of mix of styles: sport coat with leather skirt or midi skirt, for example. “It’s amazing, because it takes a piece well street style, like leather, with the play. This set you can use with sneakers or put a jump. Another suggestion is to use sports pants with more sophisticated blouse, “he adds.

The consultant Moara Gathings recalls that the bomber jackets can be worn both during the day or during the night, with heels, in a more formal occasion. “Everything depends on the fabric of the jacket. Is it going to modernize production and not leave it as a sport, “he says.

Fernanda Fuscaldo, image and style consultant, gave some valuable tips to use the tennis in look of the day. The first of them is about the choice of ones: less is more and yet free the #partiuacademia aspect. “To win a free pass in the looks of the day, it needs to be complemented by more tidy. Place accessories, like a good bag, a jacket, a blazer or a jewelry, “he suggests. The noblest fabrics also comprise a look full of information sets, like silk, leather and tweed, and even tailoring. At the bottom, leggings and skinny are good, and the double bar helps to elongate the silhouette, according to Fernanda. “If the option is raise the bar, the ideal height is above knee length. You don’t have to be short, two fingers up already help you don’t flatten the silhouette, “he concludes.


-Valley until a pumps there in those pants more squishy, it’s a visual thing
-Turtleneck or roulée (French), since 1940, but had a strong trend in 1990 and back with everything. If they are worn with skirts and sneakers, is youthful and visual light, perfect for late afternoon; with more sports pants
-Also helps to elongate the silhouette the underside in color next to tennis
-The modeling of the bomber raises the volume on top then the tip for those who want to hide the tummy or bust is to choose the piece in dark colors, which retract visually. The bottom more conspicuous in light color and/or pattern evens out the silhouette
-“There is no ‘ can and cannot ‘, how low could not use midi lengths. What exists is to understand their proportions and adjust the selection of parts, accessories and Add-ons to give better effect to your body, “says Fernanda. Picked up the message the girl informed?

No war

Remember the parkas, jackets with double buttoning and olive tones? Yes! The references that have entered the women’s wardrobe in years 1940 are still in our closets and macaws 70 years later. The consultant Moara Gathings explains that ida and coming until the permanence. “The military trend began to enter the women’s wardrobe in the 1940, first by financial conditions. Already in the years 60 and 70 was used by women as a form of anti-war manifesto, but it was the ‘ 90 she became a fundamental element of boho chic ‘ style. This is the third season of militarism in the fashion world, but there were some innovations. The pieces are well structured, with details on the shoulders, double buttoning vests and skirts, pants and jackets. So it doesn’t look like we’re going to the third world war, the ideal is to balance parts with other styles, with feminine and delicate parts, accessories and high heels.


-The marked waistline comes across seasons and arrives at the autumn/winter giving the measure
-The high coming in tailoring with impeccable finish, cuts and patterns lighter, classic colors and prints with chalk stripes, according to consultant Marcia Honorato
-The tube come redesigned in midi and long versions, for years to come
-Leaving the classic Tweeds and attend the ballad with glitter and precious stones
-Male and female Suits also gain a new look, with more rounded shapes
-Earth Tones, such as caramel, set the tone of the season
-And the international catwalks already revealed: the wet velvet is also back! Who do you like?