Seiko SNZH53 Review

Seiko SNZH53 is a super cool clock. It comes with an automatic station, the design is both beautiful and different and so it costs only 1475 dollars. In this review, we must look more closely at whether the Agency to live up to the promising measures.


Designed on the Seiko SNZH53

Designed on the Seiko SNZH53 is why I chose to buy it. In the price class as SNZH53 is in, there is rarely much variation. Seiko SNZH53 stand out, however, on the point.


What makes Agency different is the wreath which is made in flat crystal glass. It gives the watch a completely unique look, which I haven’t seen on many watches, especially not in Seikos price box. Glass wreath adds agency personality and is the first one notices.


The model comes in a variety of colors. Seiko SNZH53 with blue dial and wreath are my favorite. The game between the blue ‘ sunburst ‘ slice and silver markings gives a nice effect.


The ballads are so called sword-hands, which has been named after their distinctive sword-like shape. Size sits right in the eye. Together with hour/minute markings gives teachers a very balanced expressions and reading of the time is easy.


In addition, adorns the dial of Seikos name at 12 noon. Under Seiko-the name you will find ‘ Seiko 5 ‘ logo, which indicates that the Agency belongs to Seikos series of cheaper sport watches. At 6 o’clock, it says ‘ Automatic ‘, ‘ 23 Jewels ‘ and ‘ 100 m ‘ in three lines.


All the text is kept in silver like the ballads and the markings. Text and logo is tastefully done in a size that does not make it too dominant. The only element that breaks the otherwise balanced slice, is day/date display. The execution, however, is to live with.


The design of the watch case is Seiko got away. The cashier feels heavy and solid. The horns are brushed steel, while the sides are polished glossy. It gives the box an elegant look and the various gaps blender well. There are no sharp edges, which bleed form the term up.


Operation and use


The clock is very comfortable to wear and fit comfortably on the wrist. The watch measures 42 mm and visions and feels exactly like that. The soft curves makes the clock does not feel big and clumsy. In addition, the box slim, so the clock goes easily under a shirt.


The included ‘ oyster-like ‘ chain is also pleasant, but the quality is not quite as one would expect in the top. The joints are not solid but just udstemplet like the lock.


The link is often a place that conserves in the low price range. It is quite understandable and preferable to that saved on the actual clock. The link is okay, but the Agency is doing well at a Nato strap, so there are other possibilities if you are not a fan of the link.


The lock is also approved without impressing. It feels very safe, so there’s nothing to expose the feature on, but it can be tight and lacking the feel you get at more expensive watches. However, I have experienced the same on other Seiko watches where the lock has been more compliant after some months.


The beautiful wreath is unidirectional and takes 120 click a game. The slides very easy and operation is easy. Do you have to be critical, the collar can seem a little too loose and thus feels vague, but it is in retailing.


The wreath is as mentioned made in flat crystal glass. It gives really the clock character along with the curved glass of the dial. The only minus by glass circle is that it quickly becomes oily.


Lumen on this watch is nothing to write home about. It only lights up just enough to clear the Bell. Here could have been a little more careful Seiko.


The work of Seiko SNZH53


Turning it clockwise on, one will spot the bagkassen of glass that allows unobstructed view to the automated plant. It is a very fine detail, which we rarely see on watches in this price range. Glass bagkasser is a matter of taste, personally, I enjoy being able to see the work.


Seiko SNZH53 contains a 7s36c work. 7sXXX plants are being used in Seikos cheapest mechanical watches. The works are tested and proven work horses. They are not something masterpiece udi horologisk precision, but very robust.


The work is produced with a view to maximum performance at a low price. It is made entirely of machines, so there is no finish or else ‘ decorations ‘. Seen in this light, the choice of glass bagkasse may seem strange, but I also think that there is something fascinating in the industrial approach.


It is something completely different than the artisanal values contained in the Swiss works, but that can produce such a well-functioning and robust mechanical work for so little money, also has a holding which is worth to the viewer through a glasbagkasse.


Setting the day, date and time runs fine, with the small minus, that the work is ‘ non-hacking ‘. It will say that sekundviseren does not stop when you pull the Crown out. It is a minor inconvenience as we have to live with.


Sekundviseren, however, may be slowed down by turning the Crown otherwise also called ‘ back hacking ‘, if you want to make it precise.




Seiko SNZH53 is a great watch for a really good price. Can it really be so short. To the good 1500 crowns agency costs, one can easily live with the small error Agency, when you look at what the Agency is doing right.


The design is different and doesn’t look like all those other cheap divers watch. The build quality and export is one of the best in the price class, as we know from Seiko. The work is incredibly robust and proven. The precision is fully approved.


So if you are searching for an alternative to the many humdrum divers watch or just looking for a good place to start your ursamling, Seiko SNZH53 certainly recommended.


Agency costs 1475 dollars including shipping from Amazon. It will be sent from England, so there is no customs duty and sales tax to worry about.