Rumor: Samsung Could Abandon Windows Phone 7 at The End of 2012, Would Priority in Bada?

It is just a rumor, but coming from SamFirmware can give something of importance and step helps us to discuss the priority that it should be Samsung with the different operating systems that work.

The rumor tells us that Samsung might be thinking in prioritize in bada, leaving aside a Windows Phone. Reportedly even that Samsung would make phones with the system of Microsoft at the end of 2012.

Samsung is doing great with Android, but historically it is a company that likes to have all placed rods if the alternatives take off. In fact, in the last days, we have linked with webOS and MeeGo, contradicted by themselves and Intel relationship. During the week we will check how Samsung M Microsoft hand to develop a Windows 8 tablet.

The reality is that depend on both Android is that you find problems that they are having in Germany, and somehow could come to feel second course arriving Motorola at the hands of Google. In the case of Windows Phone 7, manufacturers may also think that Nokia has preferential treatment.

We remind you that in the past IFA 2011 presented new telephones bada, with the second version of the system, which also reach the previous Waves. We highlight the latest technology, the latest in multitasking, support WiFi Direct, NFC and mobile payments, voice recognition or support Flash.

Ending with the rumor mill, we have the news that the founder of Cyanogen, an expert in Linux and Android, goes to work for Samsung, and already there is talk that the Koreans they could be working on a new system based on Linux.

From my point of view, the rumor is too much, it makes sense adding fuel to the fire with bada, because the system has better health than it seems, but Windows Phone 7 has a forecast sales and too important props to ignore.