Rumors about Mobile Phones Sony in 2016: Only Two Models, Both with New Design and Snapdragon 820

The world of smartphones is thus: a few weeks that a company launch a new line of phones already are beginning to talk of rumors about his successors. An example that immediately you captaréis is that of Sony: although they have just landed its new Xperia Z5, Z5 Premium already starts to get information about which will be its mobile 2016.

According to the latest rumors collected by G for Games, Sony He would throw a maximum of 2 flagships over the next year. Both would make use of the new SoC 820 Snapdragon from Qualcomm and would implement a design with greater use of metal. In terms of performances, one of them would be unveiled in July and the other in October.

Start the speculation game

There are two ways in which we can interpret the rumors that have appeared today. By which media is most are opting for the possible cancellation of the five variants that it had been rumored two weeks ago, which would mean a drastic change in strategy that has so far led the Japanese company.

But also fits the possibility that with the of the two flagships relate really to families of phones. This would mean that the Xperia Z6 (would perhaps Z5 +?) and Z7 would be only the most visible face inside a colorful array of sizes and versions. In favor of this possibility to play what has been doing Sony so far.

In any case, G for Games seems to tell us about the first possibility, which would be a real revolution in the way of doing things from Sony. And would not be the only one, because it also speaks of a significant change in the design the new xperia, with some rumors that have been pointed to in its finish there will be greater use of metal.