Rumors about The Xperia Z6: 5 Variants, with a 4-Inch Screen, and Its Own 3D Touch

Sony presented in September its latest family of ships logo, the Z5 Xperia. Therefore continue with its philosophy launched a new high-end every half year Xperia Z6 should already be around the corner, and is logical to begin to arrive we already the first rumors pointing to how it could be and which will be their arguments to compete with others.

Although lately the Xperia Z ranges came accompanied by a Compact version, little by little the family has grown with the addition of the Premium Edition in the latest release. Now, as starting point the rumors, the family of the next Xperia Z6 will grow up to five variants. A record.

The family grows

According to rumors published in Weibo and collected by Slash Gear, Z6 family would be made up by the Mini Z6 (45 X) 4 inches, Z6 Compact (55 X) 4.6, a Z6 (X 60) which would embrace the standard 5.2-inch, a Z6 Plus (X 65) of 5.8 and a last Z6 Ultra (X 50) that would rise to 6.4 inches. Not discussed anything of any Tablet, but if any family would grow even more.

At the beginning of last month started rumors with the possibility of Apple to return to recover the 4 inch and referrals to Sony Japanese they would be willing to pick up the glove and accept the challenge to the delight of all the users who miss the mobile small but with good specifications.

In addition, also points to the next Xperia Z range would be presented at CES January 2016, and that their new phones would also have a screen with pressure level recognition system similar to the Apple Touch 3D. This would mean, that the phone would do different actions depending on the pressure with which we pulsásemos the screen.