Rumors: This Google Will Reveal Next Week

Rumors waiting in line to get around Google’s upcoming event, get a little overview here.

Google has recently invited the press to an event on Android with the title “The playground is open”, the event kicks off on only a week’s time.

The contents of the event has not been revealed by Google but speculation to that effect are many, we are trying here to provide an overview of the most likely rumors.

For good measure, it just has to be said that none of the rumors or speculation has been confirmed by either producers or Google.

The most likely rumors

The first and perhaps most likely the rumor is that Google Nexus 7 comes in a 32 GB version. Which has been confirmed with several dealerships, where pictures of units have sprung up the past few days.

In addition, several rumors and almost as many images spread online about a new Nexus-smartphone from LG.

The device should, according to several media be a near-copy of the specifications of LG’s own Optimus G, but with a completely different design.

How far we will get a new Nexus smartphone can only time will tell, but the rumors and images have been very convincing.

It less likely rumor

For less than half a year since Google announced their first tablet, Nexus and the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean.

Now go the rumors on that Google will unveil the next version, less than five months after Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Android 4.2 should come to be called Key Lime Pie, and be even faster, more fluid and with even better focus on the user experience.

The improbable rumors

Last week we wrote about a picture that showed a Sony mobile, who according to sources was supposed to be a future Nexus smartphone, on an equal footing with the reported LG Nexus mobile.

But it has now been rejected by the source of the leaked, has revealed that the whole thing was a stunt to see how the news would spread on the Web, which it did very quickly, and for even the biggest news pages.

Rumors of a Nexus 10 has also been talk of recent weeks, when the information has pointed to a 10 inch tablet produced by Samsung for Google.

The unit should be equipped with a very high resolution on the entire 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and a pixel density on the whole 299 PPI.

Which of the rumors you hope on hold, or have you heard or read about other rumors that you believe in? Please write final about it in the comments box below.